Mhaari Re Mangetar

Funky twist to a traditional folk song


Romanticising the long wait between lovers

Jao Piya

17 Musicians. 7 World Landmarks.

Moko Kahaan

6 Women from different countries become part
of one song to celebrate the innate strength
that each and every woman is endowed with

Lagan Laagi Re

Incredible Musicians at the subways of New York!


The Music Yantra - Season 1


The Music Yantra is an online trend setting musical series. Maati Baani is creating original music collaborating with various Indian classical & folk musicians, and artists from several other countries and cultures - all discovered & co-ordinated with the help of technology and social media. The music is made completely online. It is the biggest example of remote collaborations the world has ever seen in an online series.

Maati BaaniCreators of The Music Yantra
The Music Yantra will be a handshake of different cultures where borders won't exist. India will meet the World and the World will meet India. The Music Yantra will feature classical and folk music of India, rare exotic instruments, folk musicians from remote corners of the world, talented street musicians, new age electronica, popular artists and YouTube superstars.