Creating experiences with imagination, energy & efficiency, the bond that joins Vivanta by Taj with The Music Yantra

Work hard and play hard. Relax and energize. Ideate and confer. Evolve and transform. Revel in a spirit that presents the normal with an unexpected twist. Stylish and sophisticated, Vivanta by Taj delivers experiences with imagination, energy and efficiency.

Vivanta by Taj offers an imaginative, vivacious and stylish take on ‘cool luxury’. With innovative cuisine, energetic spaces, unique motifs, distinct avatars, the smart use of technology and experiences that seek to constantly engage, invigorate and relax, it appeals to the cosmopolitan world-traveler immersed in a sensory lifestyle.

Vivanta by Taj looks at ways through which experiences can be trancended through imagination & vividness. With this in mind, they support endeavours that are filled with vivacity & creativity. We are extremely appreciative of Vivanta by Taj for taking an interest into this novel musical journey and supporting it by becoming the presenting partner.